My Project Stories

Behind every project, there is a story.

This is the story about how I formed my team and started my startup life. Major turns in my life journeys always take place in unexpected ways.

Actually the notion of starting a startup for solving social issues first came to my path in an unexpected way soon after FYPM15 event. It was another story which I will discuss later.

Among the projects I have done so far, Portito always influenced my journeys as I said in previous story.

One day Harris sir advised me to meet Ajay James Sir, who was in charge of Technology Business Incubator in our college. I met Ajay Sir and he explained the functioning of Technology Business Incubator and also said that TBI is going to incubate some startups from our college.

After some days, he again called me and invited me to present my project Portito in-front of screening committee.

“MSME will fund your idea and you will be awarded grace mark for each semester if selected” – He said

Even though I did not know any thing about startups, his words (especially the benefits) inspired me to present my projects before the screening committee.


When I thought of an apt name for startup the first word that came to my mind was Differentz because I always wishes to create some difference in the society with the aid of technology. So I named my startup – Diffitechz, Different Technologies Unlimited.

Since there were many teams for idea presentation, I didn’t have any hope. But

fortunately got selected and received the following mail.

Selection mail

I became so happy that I am going to start a startup. But that happiness turned into confusion when I read this mail.

1500 Rs per month is required as rent !!

“How can I afford this much rent per month? What should I do?” I thought.

I was on the horns of Dilemma . In-order to find a solution, I called Felix Josemon, my friend who previously owned a startup in SV.CO.

“You should form a perfect team for your startup and for that you should choose your wisely” – He said.

Then I started thinking about team formation. I got confused again about whom I should choose and at last I chose my friend Fasil as my team mate. He advised me to contact Thomson, who founded the startup Infusory Designs. Since we knew each other by working in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) it was so easy to work as a team.

This all incidents took place in a night..!

I have taken most of the major decisions without thinking much and fortunately that decisions led my life in a right way..

I started my startup on 20th September 2016.

Receiving TBI agreement and keys from Dr. M Nandakumar Sir, Head of Department (EEE) in presence of Ajay sir.


Initially TBI provided us two computers and other furniture for setting up the office space.

Later our startup got merged into Infusory Designs and I became the Tech Lead.

Infuory Designs_Nov 2016 (2)

It was the beginning of my startup life.

We were able to release the prototype of our first project UCom in press conference on 21st November 2016.

There is an interesting story behind this project also…..

To be continued…

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