My Project Stories

Behind every project, there is a story.

Our society is such that it always tries to isolate persons who behave differently. I came to notice a news report regarding an Autistic boy banned from the school photoshoot which made me share a similar event that happened during my childhood.

I was born in a critical situation when my mother suffered from pancreatic diseases. As of which I had to suffer some disabilities from my birth itself.

I took more time to start talking and walking than a normal child. Due to this, I started schooling one year later than others.

And when I joined in school, I had to face so many challenges.

My body was so weak so that I frequently fell down while walking and I couldn’t climb stairs without the help of others.

Salivation was another big problem. I couldn’t control my saliva due to which my classmates teased me.  At those times, my classmates thought that I am handicapped and usually looked at me, when the peon came to our class to take the details of disabled children. These instances ruined my confidence level.

I think this instance happened when I was studying in 1st or 2nd standard. One day our class teacher came and said.

” Hello students, we are planning a class tour.  So those who are interested please raise your hands”

Like all other students, I enthusiastically raised my hand. Suddenly our teacher looked at me and asked with a giggle.

“You walk very slowly. So how might you accompany us for the visit with these legs?”

I became speechless and couldn’t control my tears. I cried my eyes out.

Even after returning to my home, I was so upset that day and I cried a lot. I told about this incident to one of my cousins, who was an MBBS student. Hearing this, she consoled me and said that

” Don’t worry, you can surely participate in that tour”

I  couldn’t believe her because my mind was already dead.

But the magic happened on the next day when I reached the class. My class teacher called me separately and handed over me a paper. I eagerly opened that paper. It was the tour schedule. And she said

” You should come for our class tour”.

Hearing these words, I got shocked.

But how this miracle happened? I thought. After returning home I came to know the truth. It was my cousin who visited our headmistress and talked for me.

And finally, I went to the tour and delighted in it like others…

Now one of my life goals is to achieve my dreams and meet that teacher again.

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