My Project Stories

Behind every project, there is a story.

This is the story behind the filing of my first patent Portito and incidence that led to the startup life..

Even though Portito was rejected in most of the competitions, I submitted the abstract of this mad idea to IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2016 paper competition though I didn’t even know the basic concepts about writing a technical paper.


Abstract submission was done in May 2016 and my abstract got selected and was asked to submit full paper by June 2016.

As I didn’t know the basic concepts about drafting a technical paper, I contacted Keerthi Iyer, who previously presented paper in GHTC.

She shared the techniques of drafting a technical paper from her experience and guided me in preparing IEEE paper.

Preparing a technical paper in IEEE format was a tough task. It took almost a month to complete it.

Finally, with the help of my friends and relatives, I converted my idea into IEEE paper and submitted for the conference by June 30th.

I was very curious about whether I get selection or not. Each day I checked my mail box, early morning itself and it became a routine.

At last, on 5th August I got a mail..

Fortunately my paper got selected for the Conference and I was invited to present my paper in GHTC 2016 to be held at Seattle ,USA and I became so happy.


I started dreaming about that day in which I am addressing the audience in that global conference.

But I was (now only) not so fluent in using English which scared me.

For attending the conference, it costs about 2 lakhs as flight fare and registration fee which was another headache.

One day when I went to Department of Production Engineering to see my brother who was ad hoc lecturer there, it happened which changed my life.

I met Harris Sir, who was in charge of Patent registration cell in our college. He told me about patenting processes and advised me to take patent for my idea instead of presenting it in the conference and he also explained the value of getting a patent. It inspired me a lot.

But I got confused whether to take patent or to attend conference. If I present my idea in conference, patenting cannot be done,my idea will become a mere IEEE paper on the other side if I present it,my paper gets published in world famous IEEE Spectrum magazine. I was on the horns of dilemma.

To clear my confusions, I seek advises from several faculties and seniors. Some of them motivated me to take patent while some others advised to attend conference.

Once I called a YP in IEEE to know about patenting. But instead of supporting, he teased me and said

“Patenting is not an easy task and your idea is not worth to get patent.”

By hearing this, I got disappointed. But from that disappointment I took a strong decision.

His words instead of discouraging, inspired me to take patent for Portito by leaving beside my dreams of flying to USA.


Thus I got provisional patent for my mad idea….

One day Harris sir advised me to meet Ajay James Sir, who was in charge of Technology Business Incubator in our college.

It was the beginning of my startup life…

To be continued…

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