Behind every project, there is a story..!!

Conversion of an idea into a project is a wonderful journey. Start with a mere idea and go on in search of technologies to quench your thirsty ideas. Behind every idea, there’s a story.

I believe in following the path of technology for creating some differences in society and have created several projects starting from my school days. Each of my project journeys created a different me.

This blog describes my journeys from mere ideas to the realization of the project and how it influenced my life.

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About The Author

Shyam Pradeep Alil is a passionate entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. He is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Infusory. He also leads the tech team for the TutAR app.

Shyam had graduated from Govt. Engineering College Thrissur in the year 2018. He is very passionate about technology and had done several projects starting from his school days.

In 2015, he got a chance to demonstrate his project, Optimum Speed Locking Equipment (OSLE) in front of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at IIM Ahmedabad as a part of the Innovation Scholars In-Residence Programme.
He ideated a project named Vaccum Circuit Breaker and implemented it in KSEB Viyyur Substation while he was studying in College. His project i-Post (Intelligent Electric Post) bagged many awards and recognitions including the ICFOSS project award in FYPM 2015. His final year project Electrical Maintenance Information Box (EMIBox) got recognised as the Best Student project by TCS. He had also filed a patent for one of his projects “Portito”. He also got awarded the Best Outgoing Student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2018 batch by Government Engineering College Thrissur.

He had served as the Power and Energy Society Chair & Technical Coordinator of IEEE Student Branch GECT. Shyam also played a vital role in coordinating the first-ever All India PES Student Congress in 2017. In the year 2016, he was the recipient of the Kerala Section Student Volunteer Award (Humanitarian).

He co-founded the startup Infusory and led the expansion to Thrissur at Technology Business Incubator of Govt Engineering College Thrissur. He conducted several trainings and talks on Robotics, IoT, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in various colleges across India.

Infusory started its operations by giving training and workshops to school and college students across Kerala. On 2016 March 12 the company launched the first-ever VR app development workshop in Kerala. Starting from there the company initiated many innovative workshops and training programs across India.
Later infusory entered into AR and VR service industry by providing a VR based training simulation system for Singapore Airlines. In a short span, the company grew as a pioneer in creating AR, VR, and 3D content for various industries and events.

Now the company is focused on immersive education through their product TutAR – Next Reality Classroom. TutAR is a digital collection of teaching aids that can be utilized in Augmented Reality.

You can read about his experience during the development of his projects through this blog.