My Project Stories

Behind every project, there is a story.

My friends always asked me why I’m addicted to this much to projects and technology and what inspired me to do these projects.

Are you a robot? How you can this much time with electronic gadge?

My friends usually asked me these questions since my school days.

Everyone has their own reasons to keep addicted to something and I also have one.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my body was so weak during so that I wasn’t able to play with my friends.

During those days, I simply sat watching my friends play games during PT periods. Whenever I tried to play with them, I frequently fell down and my legs got sprained.

So I restricted myself from playing those games and keeping on building my dreams in my imaginary world.

My parents were also worried about my conditions. So they consulted a physiotherapist to train me and gain strength to the body. The physiotherapist trained me through a set of exercises such that balancing on one leg, situps, etc. Bolting and unbolting the screw was one of them to strengthen my fingers. My fathers bought bolts from nearby hardware shop for this. Out of those exercises, I used to do that one exercise frequently.

After a few days, I got bored of bolting and unbolting the same bolt. So that I took one of my toys and tried to unscrew it. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I was able to unscrew it.

When I opened it, I got excited by seeing mini motors, LEDs and other electronic components. I took those components and started playing with it and tried to make something out of it like a LED box, fan using mini motors, etc.


I spend more time with those electronic

I never got bored by playing with those items. Slowly this became my hobby and I spent my leisure time in this. I bought new toys, after playing with it some time, destroyed it and took its components and tried to make something new.

It also increased my curiosity to know how each electronic component works.

That’s how I fell in love with electronics and later it turned out to be my passion.

To be continued…

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