UCom – ( Your Ultimate Companion)


Stray dog menaces, all over the state continues to increase each day with an escalation in the number of tragic news about people mauled to death. As the number of stray dog attacks increases day by day, this nuisance is making life hard for locals as well as the pedestrians. UCOM – Your Ultimate Companion stick is a simple, extendable strong pipe-like stick made of stainless steel with different functionalities used to fight against the increasing dog menace.The stick provides a variety of functionalities which scares the dog away and does not involve killing or harming the stray dogs, thus preventing unnecessary controversies. This project was done under our startup Infusory Designs



In India majority of the population is opting bus as public transport and thus a bus journey is a part of day to day life of an Indian. Here comes the major problem that in a long distance journey not only the passengers but also the staff of the bus experience the problem that they cannot urinate in time. Since there is no urinal system in buses, they should wait till the nearby stop reaches. But it is difficult for aged people who cannot control their urination easily. It is also a problem for the staff, that they should control it till they reach the stop and a regular habit like this leads to various urinary diseases.
PORTITO, the mobile urinal that serves you as a travel buddy when your bladder gives you trouble in public, packed with a cleansing mechanism all fitting in a backpack.

VCB Monitor

Vacuum bottle’s are provided in the R, B & Y phase of 11 &33 KV circuit breaker(CB). In 110 kV substation’s VCB truck is used for switching on and off 11kV supply and issuing permit to work by drawing out the truck. While drawing out the truck the condition of vacuum bottle is not known, this condition without knowing the healthiness of bottle can lead to accidents. In substation VCB trucks are tested once in a year, with this healthiness of vacuum bottle cannot be ascertained while in service. Vacuum bottle has to be continuously monitored. Lack of continuous monitoring has lead to many accidents this was pointed out by CE(North transmission) and has suggested to find solution for continuous monitoring VCB’S.
Idea is to monitor the output current during on and off condition. Under off condition with clear indication of output current not flowing will avoid accidents.The device has been tested and implemented successfully in Viyyur 110KV Substation.

i Post (Intelligent Electric Post)


The number of electrical accidents during the maintenance of power line has been increased in Kerala and many KSEB(Kerala State Electricity Board) workers lost their lives during such accidents. There is no protection for the workers who work for maintaining uninterrupted power supply. Usually power supply is cut at transformer side for maintenance and most of these accidents are due to accidental energizing of power lines when the worker is in contact with power line. i-post enables a facility to control the power line with a simple circuit fixed on safety gloves of the worker. Proper functioning of street light is very important for the safety of pedestrians. Malfunctioning of street light is one of the causes for vehicle accidents. Sometimes the street light works 24 hours mean while sometimes they did not work and most times officials are unaware of this. Here comes the relevance of i-post. . i-post informs KSEB office whenever the street light malfunctions and thus becomes a solution for all these problems.

Optimum Speed Locking Equipment (OSLE)

Most of the accidents are due to over speed and violation of rules.So it is essential to think about measures that can support safe driving. At present,speed governors are used for controlling the speed of vehicles. But it is only feasible in heavy vehicles. The conventional speed governor cut the fuel injection at the time the vehicle reaches the speed above 60 KM/H. The sudden change in the speed may cause many problems to the engine and damages to the vehicle. Also the speed governor recognise the speed of the vehicle by analysing the rotation of engine.This adversely affect the vehicle in situation where vehicle needs more power like in high ranges.
As a solution to all these problems we are introducing OPTIMUM SPEED LOCKING EQUIPMENT (OSLE).The main advantage of this equipment is it can control the speed of vehicles according the condition of roads.